Grand Champions International Karate has been serving Long Island for the past 15 years and has quickly become one of the top karate schools on Long Island. The instructors at GCI Karate have been teaching karate for over 35 years and have studied karate for over 40 years. GCI Karate instructors are National, International and World Champions.The instructors at GCI Karate are dedicated, caring and devoted. Grand Champions International Karate specializes in teaching Shotokan Karate and Shito-ryu, which are traditional Japanese Martial Arts. The students at GCI Karate will not only learn how to defend themselves but also learn how to become champions in life. Each GCI Karate class is designed to motivate students to become a better martial artist and a better person. GCI Karate teaches its students respect, discipline, focus, the importance of good grades and the “I can” attitude.